where alls kinds of marvelous things swirl through the void of space (between Jeffrey's ears).  CAMERA PUSHES IN on Jeffrey as he cups his hands and crushes a gaseous cloud into a white hot ball of light, then pitches another burning star into the cosmos.  Sensing another demi-god in the vicinity he turns and looks at...YOU!

Hey!  What's new with you?  As for me, there's plenty new.  Just read on...

GREAT NEWS!  Jeffrey has a new professional screenwriting blog at ANIMATION WORLD NETWORK!  Just click on the monkey, above, to check it out.


The GOOD Book, by Jeffrey Scott, in an inspirational book that packs a powerful punch. Learn how just one word—"GOOD"—can change your life. Only 99 cents at Amazon.

I purchased The GOOD Book on Saturday and keep returning to it. It's a highly motivational and inspirational read and I felt deeply connected to the words written, conveying the infinity of possibility by doing good. I will continue to return to and share The GOOD Book. Thank you. —Jennifer

Free Kindle Reader apps for iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPad, Android, and more, here.


And here's some OLD NEWS for those who didn't read it when it was new news.

Every year thousands of screenplays are submitted to the Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition by screenwriters from around the world.  The scripts are read by Hollywood producers, agents and managers, and the First Prize is $10,000.  Two of Jeffrey's screenplays, Masterpiece and Dead Duck, were awarded Semifinalist status.  In fact, Jeffrey was the only writer to have two screenplays reach the Semifinals.  To read the synopses of these scripts click here.



Jeffrey recently wrote an article for Animation Magazine entitled "THE WRITE STUFF: A Veteran Animation Scribe Takes An Honest Look At What It Takes To Make It In This Competitive Field Today".  If you'd like to read it click here (it's an easy read, there's lots of pictures).

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